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Our Mission

A good spin on a not so uncommon situation. Two friends, who like many others in today’s environment have struggled with things like anxiety, depression, and substance abuse. Fortunate enough to have overcome many of these mental health challenges, we wanted to do something to give back to the community that helped us and help provide recovery and growth to others. Coming out of the apparel industry, we saw an opportunity to bring a high quality, ethically sourced shirt to the market at an affordable price that could also provide resources we could pass along to people in need.

What separates Tee Haus?

We want to make a better world for everyone that is involved in the process of making our products. We are sourcing our tee shirts from a Fair Labor accredited company and our sweatshirts from a WRAP certified company. It is incredibly important to us to give back to the community along the way. We have chosen to donate a portion of our profits to the Jed Foundation as well as partnered with an apparel recycling company. Our shirts are built to outlast you, therefore, after the normal wear and tear of your shirts you can return them for a discount on your next order. We will donate the shirts or repurpose them, so they don’t end up in a landfill.

Why the Jed Foundation?

Here at Tee Haus, we believe that every haus starts with a strong foundation, at the base of which is your mental well-being. We know what it takes to combat mental health struggles and there is not a simple solution. It can take many caring people and programs to help get back to our best selves. There is no doubt that life’s hard, let’s help each other out. We are committed to helping people on their journey of recovery. Here’s a story created by mtvU and the Jed Foundation.

Take Back Program

Every September, #secondhandseptember, we will reach out to our subscribers and allow them to return shirts for a discount on their next order. The US generates 25 billion pounds of textile waste per year. 85% or 21.3 billion pounds end up in landfills each year. We want to cut down on that numbers We have partnered with an apparel recycling company, Green City Recycler, that will recycle and upcycle the old goods. We will be issued a rebate for recycling that we will donate to the Jed Foundation

Tee Haus Company donates 2% of all purchases to the Jed Foundation to support mental health. Start your subscription now and enjoy amazing tee shirts with the knowledge that your purchase has a purpose.
The JED Foundation